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Dale White

A multi-national champion baton twirler, Dale studied with US Twirling Hall of Fame member, Fred Miller, and was a member of the Miller’s Blackhawks Musical Corps. Locally, he is a member of the Ohio Baton Council, Music Educators Association, and is a WGI Judge.  He serves on the International Baton Twirling Federation Technical Advisory Group, and is the Judges Representative to the World Baton Federation for the US Twirling Association while also serving as its Director of Professional Development.  He also has an Acrobatic Arts scholarship 


named after him, as he was an integral advisor in its creation.  Dale is a multi-arts discipline genius.
Dale is THE MOST DECORATED coach in baton twirling history.  With students who have won championships in every twirling organization, his name is synonymous with originality and quality. Some of his most recognizable students are world and national champions including Savannah Miller, Laney Puhalla, Janae Dorn, Hollie Nielson, Jonathan Burkin, Michael Cruz, Kyle Keiser, Pieter Hazeu, Pascal Dumas, Savannah Miller and many more! Nash Twirling Academy is thrilled to have him on staff as an advisor and Master Teacher!

The Fusion of Sport and Artistry

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