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Our Jr. Staff / Julianna



Julianna begged to twirl when she saw her big sister competing, but her parents made her wait until she was three to begin! The rest is history. Julianna, a shy girl by nature, lit up the floor and showed an immediate passion for performance!  She has won the AA and AAA Pre-Trials twirling category and many age and divisional national championships. Her favorite twirling events include freestyle, artistic twirl, and strut.

Julianna also LOVES Acro and is frequently seen doing something "upside-down". She has performed at the world-famous CLI Studios in LA of tWitch, Allison Holker and Teddy Forance fame. She and Tate McRae demonstrated the choreography of her father, Mark Nash there.

Julianna was featured twirling on a Macy's "Back to School" commercial and thrives in the performing arts realm. She can't wait to co-teach this year and her passion is contagious!

The Fusion of Sport and Artistry

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