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UTwirl to feature NTA Staff Member: Mark Nash

Registration is now open forUTwirl 2020- an exciting series of online clinics forathletes of all levels from all twirling organizations, as well as coaches and parents! Classes will be taught by incredible instructors from the United States, Canada, Croatia, Italy, Japan and Slovenia - including our own, Mark Nash!

Here are the dates and registration links. Register by September 30 to avoid $20 late fees. Beginner Athletes – Saturday, October 3 – $50

What is a beginner athlete? Some examples: Aerials: Right & Left hand thumb flips, back hand release, one spin Contact Material: back catch, flash back, peek a boo, off the back of the hand toss Catches: Left hand, back hand, side catch Rolls: fishtails, double elbow, layout roll, extension & retraction rolls, arm roll Intermediate Athletes – Sunday, October 4 – $50 What is an intermediate athlete? Some examples: Aerials: 2 to 3 Spin with a variety of catches Contact Material: drop down back from Left hand, slap catch with a variety of releases, neck throw, variety of wraps Rolls: continuous elbows, back neck roll, Fujimi rolls, long arm, fishtail carry around, egg beaters – the ability to connect 3 + rolls (multi-rolls) Advanced Athletes – Saturday, October 10 – $75 Coaches/Parent – Sunday, October 11 The Parent registration fee is $75. The Coach registration fee is $90 for one day or $200 for all four days.

Here is the schedule of UTwirl 2020 clinicians and classes:Don’t wait! Register now for UTwirl 2020!

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1 Comment

Sep 01, 2020

Wait til y'all see the FANTASTIC Intermediate Swing, Flip, Wrap series that the one-and-only MARK NASH is teaching at U-TWIRL........super COOL! You gotta sign up and learn it!!

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