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Nash Twirling Academy

The Fusion of Sport and Artistry

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Training to be a professional takes time, talent and tutoring.  Most professional dancers train for years prior to getting a glimpse of life as a professional.  However, whether you want to train to be a professional, or just train like one, the Nash Twirling Academy is the place for you.  All training experience and abilities are welcome. 


Twirling teaches coordination, athleticism and performance through the manipulation of a metal rod.  Gone are the days of boots and tassels.  Today's twirlers are athletic, progressive, and able to perform like stars.



To do almost anything well, one must train and challenge their physical limits.  Whether you want to work out, dance, twirl or just look like you do, these classes will help give you that lean look you thought only professional athletes had

The Fusion of Sport and Artistry

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